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Welcome to Istanbul Lamps, the leading lighting manufacturer and designer located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Our mission is to craft original and contemporary Turkish\Ottoman style lighting products of exceptional quality and deliver them with outstanding service.


Meet our visionary founder and designer, Burhan Bozbay, who has been creating Oriental Lighting Products since 2011. Drawing inspiration from Ottoman Culture and Art, his vision was to design lamps that seamlessly blend with 21st-century homes. In 2018, after years of dedicated work and unwavering determination, our doors opened inside the historic Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, the oldest shopping center in the world.


At Istanbul Lamps, we take pride in creating timeless pieces that honor tradition while embracing modern aesthetics. From our design studio in Istanbul to homes around the globe, our lamps illuminate spaces with their unique charm. Join us on this enlightening journey and discover the artistry and craftsmanship of Turkish\Ottoman style lighting.

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