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The acceptable payment methods are debit and credit card or wire transfer from your bank account (for wholesale buyers or customized products).


For those who will be paying with the wire transfer; If your order total is less than 1000 USD, we ask you to pay the full amount before the order starts to be manufactured. Your payment confirms your order, which becomes binding for both parties (seller and customer).

Online Shopping

If your order total is more than 1000 USD, we ask you to pay 30% of the price when the order is confirmed and to pay the remaining 70% before the order is shipped to your address.


Movers Carrying Packages

We use several approved carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT. The shipping includes insurance in case of damage during transportation. We will choose the most economical and safest shipping method according to the customer’s destination.


For wholesale customers. You will be informed about the shipping method and cost before you place the order. We will send you information about price of your order including shipping cost by e-mail within one working day.

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