Expressing yourself with a mosaic chandelier.

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Turquoise Wonder

Every one has a piece of furniture in the house that reflects their personality. For some it's an old couch that they like to sit on while watching TV, for some it can be a beautiful carpet, that they bought in a far away country. Some express themselves by hanging colorful art on the walls, some buy extravagant dishes and some express their character by hanging a colorful mosaic lamp. Mosaic art has a very long history, the first mosaics date back all the way to the 3rd millennium BC Mesopotamia, since then it has been used to decorate houses and palaces, churches and mosques. Many renowned artist created masterpieces with mosaics: from Park Güell in Barcelona by Antoni Gaudi to "Depthfinder" by Sonia King. Modern mosaic art is made from any material in any size ranging from carved stone, bottle caps, any found objects and glass.

Mosaic lamps are famous for their bright colors and for the way they bring life to any room. You can chose any color of the rainbow any color that represents you best and put it on a lamp. This lamps are created with colored glass witch is glued with a special glass glue onto a glass sphere. The base used to hold such shapes is usually made of bronze (usually decorated with laser cut pieces) or copper witch is used in filigree art. It's not just the mosaic spheres that diversify the lamps it's also the color of the base: gold, silver, bronze, copper, shiny black or silver blue. It is amazing how a chemical reaction, plating of polishing can change the color of bronze and copper.

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